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Title: Don’t let web design firms cheat you.
Post by: LouisaPantalone on
Most modern websites are built using a content management system (CMS), which is software that makes adding and editing pages easy. There are many free efficient CMS software’s that are free to download and use. However, some companies build their own systems to make themselves seem authoritative. Don't be fooled by such firms!
Although there's nothing wrong with a company writing its own software to solve a problem, this isn't the case when there's already lots of efficient software already available in the Internet that solves it. This is why  web design firm  ( who boast about having their own CMS, developed in-house, should be avoided.
Developing a CMS from scratch isn't really difficult. It may be a little time consuming but not technically challenging. Second, as previously stated there are lots of established systems available and it's doubtful that even a talented in-house team could develop something as effective as the systems previously mentioned. Most companies who choose to develop their own CMS do so just to lock customers in. If you use their CMS you won't be able to move your site simply decide to change companies. This isn't the case if your web design company use an off the shelf system.
For most cases there's a website management system already built that's easy to use, secure and search friendly. Taking this approach won't lock you in to an unknown quantity and will ensure your site stays up to date as the system develops to apply new technologies. Don't get fooled by fraud web design firms offering in-house CMS. Instead, insist on a system that's widely available and efficient for your website.
Title: Re: Don’t let web design firms cheat you.
Post by: AltonNoel on
It's something that sometimes I think of you.