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Title: Joomla Error JFolder::create:
Post by: gideon on
      I am try to upload plugin & template i always this Msg
   JFolder::create: Could not create directory
        Warning! Failed to move file.

Title: Re: Error JFolder::create:
Post by: Perfect Visual on
To set up a permission of any application after you have uploaded the application.
Log in to your cpanel, click filemanager under “Files”
 it opens in a different window,
Right click any folder you will like to set permission and click Change permission then select the permissions you want.  Repeat the same to all the folders needed.

As you are working on joomla.
Go to Help -> System Info in your administrator backend and check your Directory Permissions tab to make sure everything is writable.
Also make sure your Path to Temp Folder is correct in Site -> Global Configuration.
Finally, check to make sure that the module isn't already installed. It's possible that some files already got copied or something and now your system is having problems overwriting them.
If none of this works, let us know if the error message specifies which file can't be moved. That would help figure out a solution
Title: Re: Joomla Error JFolder::create:
Post by: Perfect Visual on
Update this thread if you still face any challenge.