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Title: How to upload a website
Post by: Perfect Visual on
Once your domain is registered and hosting account created and your details forwarded to your email, you can proceed to upload your website for everyone on the internet to see. How you go about doing this depends on what software program(s) you used to build your website.

Typical  two ways of upload are FTP or through Cpanel

Ftp (file transfer protocol)  Download from the net if you don't have any is free.

After installation of the FTP starts the program, you will have two interfaces one is all your local files in your computer the other is your hosting account online, just log in with all the details provided to you eg user, password, hostname (which is .

When you are online navigate to public_html and upload all your files, folders there.

Cpanel method

Put all your files, folders in a zip folder. Log in to your Cpanel by going to (replace youraddress with your real website address), when it opens go to file manager and click it, a pop-up window will appear click go, when it opens in a new window, look for  public_html  and click on it, when it open at your at the top right side, you will see �upload� click on it, it will open in a new window, select your zip folder file in your localhost. And upload.
After it has finished it will write complete at the button left side of the Windom..  Go back to your file manager window you opened and Refresh, the newly uploaded zip folder will be there. Right-click it and choose �extract� all files will be extracted.
That is all to visit your website, everything should be up and running.

Note: if your website has a database you have to create that and upload.

If you need help on how to do this open a thread we will help to put you through. But search on the forum first if another customer has asked the same question, if not create yours.

Title: Re: How to upload a website
Post by: gihir on
in my domain there is not webhost manager, please help to check it.
Title: Re: How to upload a website
Post by: Perfect Visual on
If you order for web hosting resell package there should Webhost Manager otherwise you have cpanel.  update this thread if you require further assistance.