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Title: Customization of blog
Post by: Jonah on
Please how do i make my new blog have good look and layout. I'am not computer literate, so i will really appreciate help from someone. For example, i want my blog to be colourfull, not the default black and white color of wordpress. Also, i wl need help on how to assign colors to my posts as in the title, headings and subheadings. My blog is Thnks in advance!
Title: Re: Customization of blog
Post by: Perfect Visual on
Login into your blog, take your mouse to appearance>Theme to select any theme of your choice and click activate.
If you don't like the designs there, just click "Install Theme"  when it opens choose color and search for new ones or
If you need new ones out these method select any from below websites and click download to load them to your computer:
After that click upload in same location above and after is uploaded click "manage theme" to see your new uploaded theme and click activate to activate it. When you refresh you will see your new look and feel.
Title: Re: Customization of blog
Post by: Perfect Visual on
Update this thread if you need further assistance.
Title: Re: Customization of blog
Post by: kensteward on
While most blog platforms these days come fairly well optimized for Google there are always tweaks that can be made.
SEO really does make a difference and bloggers who learn the basics can see significant increases in traffic.
It is well worth investing time into learning it.
Title: Re: Customization of blog
Post by: Kikoyasi on
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Title: Re: Customization of blog
Post by: JohnathenMartin on
1. Login your blog /wp-admin
2. Click on Appearance >>> Theme and select theme from list.
3. After choosing theme again go to Appearance >> Customise .
4. After click on customise a new window open where you can Add Blog Tile, Logo, Set Background, etc.