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Adobe Lightroom is the most control epitome editing software for photographers, with hundreds of thousands of effects and presets on peck on the internet.
 You can download Lightroom from Adobe’s website. 
Adobe Lightroom presets help you to redact your photos in relate days past doing a lot of the position for you. You can unaffectedly try old-fashioned a pre-defined really, while keeping your native facsimile and reverting recoil from to it at anytime. 
 You can use: 
 Lightroom Presets for Wedding Photography 
 Lightroom Presets for Baby and Family Photography 
 Lightroom Presets for Headshots 
 Lightroom Presets for Senior Portraits 
 Lightroom Presets for Landscape 
 Lightroom Presets for Nature Photography 
 Lightroom Presets for Food Photography 
 Lightroom Presets for Car Photography 
 Lightroom Presets for Real Estate 
 Lightroom Presets for Product and Fashion Photography 
 And a Ruby Lightroom Desktop and Mobile Presets
 for everyday shooting.
Below are the steps to Locate Public_html through Cpanel:

1) Login to your cPanel account.
2) Navigate to Files >> File Manager. Click on on it.
3) You can see the public_html folder among other folders
4) The public_html folder will contain files/folders/pictures of you website if you have uploaded/install a website in your account.
I hope this is useful in downloading your database through phpmyadmin in cpanel?
You are free to drop any further question you have concerning database here.
1. Log into cpanel.

2. Under "Databases" click phpMyAdmin.

3. Select the source database on the left pane.

4. Click on the Export tab in the top center pane.

5. On the next page select a Quick or Custom export method. In most cases Quick option will is enough which is the default.

6. From the dropdown menu, choose the format you'd like to save the file as.  SQL is the default which is often the common format.

7. Click the Go button to continue.

8. Then save and wait for it to download.

You will need to contact support for your problem and get that fixed.
Which date did you place your order and what package are you using?
I also just bought the super pack. and im having the same problem with the game running only in windowed mode regardless of compatibility settings. Im running Windows 8.1 x64. not off to a great start for me. And im not playing in windowed mode. Can you please supply a date when this will be resolved? otherwise ill be seeking a refund. thanks.

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I installed Cycrow Plugin Manager so I can activate a script for X3:TC. It asked me to use save manager to backup my files, I said yes, then converted game from Vanilla to Modified. I started the game and wanted to load one of my save games, nothing was there. I exit the game and reverted back to Vanilla game. Started the game again and the save games are still not there. I searched my computer, nothing...

Any ideas? I had hundreds of hours invested in my game.

since some days i want to place an order on a MCG but every time i log myself i get white page with just "error"
Any idea ?
Not sure what you mean. Can you explain better?
Having the same issue, 3 hour wiped put because i thought autosave was activated. When it happent, i went in option and it was in fact ser to true, but not working.

Let's know if you still face any challenge so to help you.
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