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It was a very good thing for me. To read useful stories and good knowledge. It made me more aware.

A song writer once said,
"Got Any Rivers you think are uncross-able,
Got any mountains you can't tunnel through?
God specializes in things thought impossible,
He does the things others cannot do".

God is the same and His word is dependable,
He'll make a way through the waters for you;
Life's situations by Him are amendable,
Mountains and hills He will part for you too.

Such is the prophetic declaration that awaits you in the
Forth coming Emancipation Crusade organized by the
Deeper Life Bible Church, Abuja. The apostle of our time,
Pastor W.F. Kumuyi will be coming on Sunday, October 30,
2016 and will be ministering live and direct at the main bowl
of the Abuja National Stadium. You are invited!

See details

Another date is here again, Sunday October 30th, 2016 and the power of God will hit Abuja again as the Man of God, Pastor W.F Kumuyi holds EMANCIPATION CRUSADE at the National Stadium.

Time: 4.00p.m to 7.30pm. 
Total Emancipation can be your portion in this crusade as you come.

You can't afford to miss this one!

For testimonies, direction to the venue and more details visit

Can anyone suggest how to greet people in the Forum.
Where can I apply for a job via the Internet.
A day of Supernatural Wonders with Pastor W. F. Kumuyi Live in Abuja

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