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Looking for a cheap server that is fully managed and runs uptime with good support center. I will say you go with this dedicated servers.

CPU:  Xeon E5 2670 - 4 Cores CPU   
Ram: 8GB   
Storage: 100G - SSD H/W RAID - 1   
Transfer: 10TB

 CPU: Xeon E5 2670 - 8 Cores CPU   
Ram: 12GB    150G - SSD H/W RAID - 1   
Transfer: 15TB

CPU: Xeon E5 2670 - 12 Cores CPU   
Ram: 16GB   
Storage" 200G - SSD H/W RAID - 1   
Transfer: 20TB
Price: $210

CPU: Xeon E5 2670 - 16 Cores CPU
Ram:   24GB
Storage: 250G - SSD H/W RAID - 1   
Transfer: 25TB
Price: $248.34

 CPU: I5 (4590) - 4 Cores CPU
Ram: 16GB   
Storage: 1TB H/W RAID - 1   
Transfer: 20TB
Price: $270

CPU: Xeon E5 2650 - 8 Cores
Ram: 32GB   
Storage: 1TB H/W RAID - 1   
Tranafer: Unmetered

CPU: Dual Xeon E5-2670-16 Cores
Ram:   64GB
Storage:   2TB-H/W RAID-1
Transfer: Unmetered   

You can see more server here on this link if you dont want any of this specifications.

$62.36 Fully Managed Dedicated Server. with this offer on ground all you need to do, is seat and watch your server always running. You can also see more managed server here.

Preconfigured-Instant Activation Servers Limitations: Preconfigured servers cannot be modified. Our preconfigured servers are designed for quick deployment. Preconfigured servers hardware (CPU/RAM/HDD) or bandwidth cannot be added or modified. Operating system options for preconfigured systems are limited to available selections as noted above. KVM services are not provided for preconfigured servers.

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