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 Titan European Roulette Review

 Based on the European roulette wheel, Titan Roulette is Expanse Studio’s version of a classic. Playable at MagBets casino for free, real money, and with an online bonus, Titan European Roulette is a thrilling table game with a wide range of bets.
One of the coolest parts about it is that it’s very simple to play. If you ever played a roulette wheel, you already know the drill. Titan European Roulette by Expanse Studios is perfect for beginners, but high rollers will love the way it looks and feels too.
Available for mobile devices too, you can play Titan European Roulette at the Magbets online casino right now and hopefully land a big win.
How to Win in Titan European Roulette

 Roulette is one of the simplest casino games you can play online. Since it’s a chance-based game, you don’t need any particular skills to win. Of course, playing Titan European Roulette with a strategy is important, but in terms of skills, you need none.
Winning at Titan European Roulette at MagBets casino requires you to make correct predictions on the winning number (or numbers). You place your wager on a bet, wait for the game to spin the wheel and hope for the best outcome.
If the ball lands in your selected pocket, you’re a winner on that round.

 Titan European Roulette Bets

Titan Roulette by Expanse Studios features all the familiar inside and outside bets. You can place your wager on a full table of bets with odds that go as high as 35:1. Inside bets have higher payouts but are riskier. On the other hand, outside bets give you a better chance to win, but at lower odds.
If you like to try your hand on a single number, the Straight Up bet pays 35:1. This means correctly predicting the pocket where the ball lands. If those odds are too long for you, the split bet allows you to bet on two adjacent numbers at odds of 17:1. Placing a bet on three numbers in a row is known as a Street bet and comes at odds of 11:1.

Outside bets pay even money or at most double your stake. A column bet (betting on one of three columns) pays 2:1, just like a bet on dozens. You can also place even money bets on Titan Roulette at MagBets casino such as red/black or odd/even numbers. Those pay 1:1 and are more likely to get right than, for example, a single number on the table.

 Titan European Roulette Information

The Maltese studio has released over 20 games so far. Most of them are slots, but Expanse Studio hasn’t forgotten about fans of table games.
Expanse has released a real hit in Titan Roulette which is one of its most famous casino games. It is very simple to play and features the trademark Expanse graphics and high-quality gameplay. If you ever want to try your luck at the Devil’s Wheel, Titan Roulette at MagBets casino is a great choice.

 Graphics & Sounds

Titan Roulette looks great from a visual point of view. There are no surprises here – it features a roulette wheel and table with all the bets laid out front and center. The game’s buttons cover different features such as adding/removing chips from the table and of course, setting your desired bet size.
Expanse’s game doesn’t have music in the background – after all, this isn’t a slot. The sound effects perfectly replicate a realcasino roulette table just like expected.

 Titan European Roulette RTP

 The RTP of Titan Roulette is 97.30%, just like European Roulette. That’s to be expected considering the fact that the house edge of roulette is 2.70%
With that RTP, your chances to win are pretty solid, especially on even number bets. If you play with a strategy, you can optimize your profits further, making you a master at Titan Roulette.

 Titan European Roulette Verdict

Expanse Studio’s first venture into roulette territory is amazing. Titan Roulette looks and plays like the real thing, covering all the roulette bets that matter. The wheel looks great, the sound effects are fitting, and the game has a fast learning curve for beginners.
Play Titan Roulette at MagBets casino with an online bonus and you won’t have to spend a dime out of your pocket. If you want some chic roulette action, Titan Roulette is the real deal.
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