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In order for your domain to point to your new server, it will require that you modify your name servers with your domain registrar. (Name servers are sent in an email at inital setup). You will be given a temporary IP# with which you can use to upload your files while waiting for your domain to point to your new server.

Your Nameservers:

If you opt to have your own nameservers, ( and make sure to register your name servers with your domain registrar. Be certain to use the correct IPs for your nameservers that we provided you in the confirmation of setup email.
The most common error on this step is for someone to just update their domain registration to use these nameservers. Make sure you are creating the nameservers, not just pointing the domain to them.
Once your registrar completes the creation of your nameservers, they will be active in approximately 48-72 hours.
Note: Most Registrars now have online instructions on their website or after you log into your account, for setting up their domain as nameservers.
If you registered your domain with us, just let our support team know and they can register your nameservers for you.
To access CPanel (End User Manager) use URL:
To access your WHM (Web Host Manager) use URL http://ipsendtoyouremail/whm
You  will be prompted for your username and passwod. This is the same username/password  used to login to your account via ftp, telnet, or ssh.
Once your domain is pointing to the server, you can replace the IP#'s with your domain name.

Creating Web Hosting Packages:Setting Up a Cpanel AccountPackage:http://ipsendtoyouremail/~username/  
(username is the 1st 8 digits of your domain name, don't forget to add the trailing slash "/")
Another method is using any domain currently on the server and appending the username to the end of it as follows:
(username is the 1st 8 digits of your domain name, don't forget to add the trailing slash "/")
You can use this method for ALL accounts on the server. This provides a way to view websites immediately after creation without having to wait for the domain to become active.

Subdomains:Guide line from Onlinemalls.
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