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- Click Quick Install in software/Services section, when it opens
-In your left side under blog software  you will see "Wordpress" click it to start installation.
Under "Application URL (where you will find the app in your browser)" if you type say Blog in the space it means you blog will appear as, if you want to install at then  ignore that line and move to the next  fields:
Admin email:   The Email that admin of the blog will be using  
Admin Username:      The User name that admin of the blog will be using  
Blog Title:     The Title of the blog as you want the public to be seeing it.
First Name:   The First name of the admin
Last Name: The Last Name of the admin
NOTE: That you an change all these fields above after installation if you choose

Then click install
What for it to finish after installation you will see text similar to below:

Your installation is ready. You can access it now by going here. If there is any login information, it will have been sent to the email address you provided.

You can log in with the following credentials:
Username: admin
Password: 9SzLzjmEhMtHBMvD

That is all, your blog is up and running just access it through the url you install it on.

Also note we can help you install it if you want free(Blog, Forum, Joomla) is our value added service.
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