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Below are meaning of "website links"(web-pages) you see on every Website on the nternet and descriptive ideal on how to write information which will be on each of them:

Home page
This page link is called �Home page�, is called Home Page because this is  first place people see when they come to your website. The home page is a good spot to let visitors know the purpose of your web site.
This is where you  write Introductory paragraphs  for your website  . This like front door to your home on the Internet, invite visitors to step in and look around

About us page
This page link is called "About us" this is where you write two or more of the following:
Comment: Describe who you or your company is here in this page, and how you provide value to you customers.
Comment: If you belong to any industry associations,this is where you list them
Comment: what do other people say about your company? Try using some quotes from satisfied customers or clients
Comment: Who are the people in your company?

Company contact page
This page is where you tell readers how to get in touch with you. Remember that people can connect to you from anywhere in the world; so provide international versions of telephone and fax numbers. It is also customary to provide e-mail address(that will be created from your website when is up) for key contact point

Services/ Products page
If you are into rendering services or selling product, this page is where you write description of services or products of your company:

Events page
Your company or organization various activities here in this page, it could be weekly monthly or yearly depending on the objective.
Schedule 1�
Schedule 2�
Schedule 3�
Schedule 4�

News page
Your company or organization most current information here in this page, it could be daily, weekly or monthly depending on the nature of the information

Profile  page
What your company is all about here in this page. E.g. the journey so far, who are the people in your company; your employee, the founders?. Your may want to include message from your present or biographies of your founders   

History  page
Historical background of your company or organization here in this page

Having know that, depends on your company or organization objective, other pages you may add among which are:
Price information page
Current promotion
Frequent ask question(FAQ)
Testimonials from happy customer/members

All the above are called web pages(website links) on website which takes who ever visit your website and click on any of the "link" to a particular side of your website, depends on what the viewer  want to see. For example looking at this website where you are now, you can see links on top, clicking on any of them will take you to a page.

The point is know what you type of website visitors will be expecting on your website, bring them up so that your site will be interactive and interesting to them.

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